5 Things Wrong With Paris Hilton’s New Song With Lil’ Wayne

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    Paris Hilton got back in the booth at the request of no one, and she left us with a new song. It’s autotuned to the extreme of course, and that is the best thing we can think about this song. Here are are top reasons why this song is wack.

    The Title  – It’s called “Last Night (I Wanna Bang You). Really? Is anyone still looking to spend a night in Paris? Better yet, is anyone willing to admit it?

    The Beat – Not that it is bad or anything. It’s actually quite awesome, and something you need a glowstick for. (Shoutout to Afrojack, Paris’ ex who produced the song), but couldn’t it be saved for LMFAO? This could have been the song that brought them back together.

    The lyrics – “I can’t believe/what we did last night…” We know, we couldn’t believe you recorded this song either. We thought you were past making music, too. That aside there are about six lines to Paris’ part of the song, so we actually have no clue what the actual details of her night.

    Lil’ Wayne – Where do we begin with Wayne’s rap? “Bust it wide open for a Trukfit sweater.” Do we have to? This is the Trukfit criteria? Why is Wayne really trying to push his awful clothing line on us? We’re not sure this song was the way to go to push his skate wear. It’s just obvious Wayne cares nothing about making music anymore. Shouldn’t he be practicing his kick flips or something?

    Her voice – We’re still doing the autotune thing? I just know at the first listen it made my shoulders raise. You might need to borrow a tiny bit of Lil’ Wayne’s Percocet-Vicodin combos for the listen.

    Listen to the song below. What do you think?

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