7 Biggest Hyped Fails Of 2012

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    We’re at the end, and 2012 was a great year for entertainment and gadgets, but not everything can be smooth sailing, right? There were so many things that were hyped up but in essence fell flat. Here are our top 7 of 2012.

    7. 3D TVs


    So we’re supposed to wear these glasses all of the time and look awkward while we sit and reach our hand out to grab a piece of the 3-D air? You can’t have a Superbowl party because who has that many glasses for a house full of people? They cost how much for a pair? (Not so fun fact: The cost of 3D glasses range from $130-230 per pair) It’s time to Sweet Brown this one because ain’t nobody got time for that!

    6. Facebook Goes Public


    It was the day everyone was waiting for; the day you would be able to buy Facebook stock. Shares started out at $38 a share and ended right where it started. Womp! This is the one aspect in your life where Facebook doesn’t have to take control! You hold the power…

    5. 50 Shades of Zzzz’s


    He’s disgusted, and so am I. 50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James is geared toward women, but she had some fellas reading the book too. It was probably the biggest book of the year, and one of the most unrealistic. (I admit I read about half of the book before I came to my senses. It had to be one of the most boring books I’ve read in my life.) But any book that has your grandma’s panties hot is NOT meant for you. Put that trash down!

    4. The End Of The World … The First Time


    Remember when the end of the world was supposed to happen May 21, 2012? A radio evangelist (really?), Harold Camper, said that Doomsday was upon us and had everyone really thinking the world was going to end. Welp. That didn’t work out, and Mr. Camper had to take back everything he said. I played “24 Hours to Live” for nothing…

    3. Not So Cruel Summer


    We all love a G.O.O.D Kanye song. And we just love it when Big Sean, Pusha T, and whoever else are on it too. The Cruel Summer album, which was pretty much released right when fall was about to start, as a whole was just O-K. With “Mercy” possibly being the song of the year, which was on the album, the album should have been seamless. It should have been released as a mixtape and then it would have been great.

    2. Diet iPhone 4s Jr.


    The iPhone 5 is just like the iPhone 4/4S, just with less filling. Me personally, I really don’t understand the hype about about the iPhone (and I had one for over a year) because it honestly doesn’t do much, but to be camped outside for a phone that has specs that are almost identical to the last one (and with worse features, hello, Maps), seems like a real waste of time. Maybe that’s why there are talks of releasing the iPhone 5S with more colors and features since this one was uber-wack!

    1. Pulling The Plug On Stop Kony

    Stop Kony was the biggest crock of the year. It’s sad to see that people will try to get money any way they can when you put a cute face (in this case it was Invisible Children frontman, Jason Russell’s son) and then play men with guns in a YouTube video  as pawns. Which would you trust? And it turned out, most people chose to trust the man who was playing patty cake with a sidewalk.

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