The Best Black Movies EVER

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    We took it upon ourselves to put together a list of the best Black movies of all time. But before we could create our Black movie list, we had to define what a Black movie is.  In our humble opinion, a Black movie has more than just a Black cast, a Black lead or Black director. The theme had to speak to the Black community, as well as for the community.

    In a round-table discussion, we debated what films should be on our list. We wanted to make sure the funniest Black movies, as well as the top Black movies were on the list but we made sure to add some old-school flicks too. While tempers didn’t flare, necks did roll and some were even the recipient of a side eye while fighting for their favorite.  (I kid. I kid.)

    We chopped it up for a bit and came to this conclusion. Peep our list and tell us what you think. We might’ve missed a few, so feel free to tweet us at @giant_life!



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