11 Crushing NFL Tackles

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    There are 2 reasons people why people watch Football. 1 for the great offensive plays, and 2 for the spine crushing hits. And one thing the NFL is not short on is bone crushing tackles. Here are our favorite hits

    11) Bernard Pollard Tackle on Tom Brady

    Definitely not the hardest hit but thats the hit that put the franchise quarterback out for the season, on the bright side Matt Cassel got his first start since high school in process.

    10) Haloti Ngata Tackles RG3

    Washington Redskin faithfuls had a sigh of relief after RG3 got up after the hit. I’m sure fans had flashbacks of former QB Joe Theismann and his broken leg when RG3’s leg whipped back.

    9) Sean Taylor Destroys Punter Brian Moorman

    Even during an all star game Sean Taylor tackled Punter Brian Moorman like it was the midseason.

    8) Hines Ward blind block on Keith Rivers

    Known in the NFL as one of the dirtiest players in history, Hines Ward gave Keith Rivers a blind block like no other.

    7) Owen Schmitt Injures himself

    This would have been cooler if his head was bleeding from actual game play and not cracking your own skull. Good job Owen.

    6) Roger Craig On Tim Krumrie

    When tackling the last thing your thinking is am I gonna hurt myself, and that’s what happened to Nose Tackle Tim Krumrie while attemping a tackle on Running Back Roger Craig in Super Bowl XXIII. Roger Craig kneed Krumrie shattered his tibia and fibula in his failed tackle. Ouch (literally)

    5) Reggie Bush Gets Own by Sheldon Brown

    That kind of hit is probably no longer legal in today’s NFL, Sheldon Brown just launched himself into Bush like a rocket. The bad part of this clip is not even the hit but what happens after when Reggie tries to get up.

    4) Ray Lewis Midair Tackle on Chad Johnson

    You know its real when the helmet comes flying off during a tackle.

    3) Terrell Owens Taunts The Cowboys

    In a battle of who could celebrate more on the Dallas Cowboys logo against Running back Emmit Smith, T.O. gets man handled on his second attempt.

    2) Darryl Stingley last game

    This was the last game Darryl Stingley ever played courtesy of Jack Tatum.

    1) Lawrence Taylor Breaks Joe Theismann leg

    Probably the most gruesome hit in NFL history or in any sport. That hit ended the career of Joe Theismann and According to Joe, “Until this day I never watched the replay”. I don’t blame him on that one.

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