10 Songs That Surprised Us In 2012

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    We can say there was plenty of music in 2012, everything from singles, mixtapes and albums leaving us listeners over-saturated with new music. Picking and choosing what to listen to became a task. However some songs actually surprised us, making us new fans of the artists or continuing to support the brand of the artist.

    10. Action Bronson & Riff Raff:  “Bird on A Wire”

    Some how producer Harry Fraud was able to Bronson and Jody Highroller together and make, dare I say, a classic song. Action Bronson and Riff Raff are two completely differnt artists but Harry Fraud makes it work. Anybody rapping about Jodeci in 2012 gets two thumbs up from me.

    9. Ab-Soul: “Black Lip Bastard”  (Black Hippy Remix)

    The Black Hippy collective put together one of the best remixes of 2012, giving us a lyrical exercise of what rap should sound like. You would be hard pressed to find a bad verse on this song. The problem you might have is finding out who has the best verse.  I’m sure TDE and Black Hippy are looking to drop more gems like this in 2013.

    8. French Montana: “Pop That”

    At this point French has relied more on guest features and spots since his days with the wavy one Max B., but for “Pop That”  French requested the heavy hitters. And everyone came with their A game including Wayne (whose been slipping since his release from prison) Ross and Drake breeze though the track as they obviously have become accustom to stealing spot light form other artists . The song was destined for greatness just based on the features.

    7. E-40: “Function”

    If you were to tell me E-40 were to have a national hit in 2012, you would have gotten the side eye from hell. Turns out E-40 can still crank out hits in 2012 … in his 40s.  He showed he’s no slouch pushing out three albums all on one day (The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 1, 2, & 3) — he’s clearly not ready to give up the mic.

    6. 2 Chainz:  “No Lie” Feat. Drake

    After a great 2011, with the release of his T.R.U. REALigion mixtape, 2 Chainz garnered some new fans and looked to translate his mixtape success into album success. And 2 Chainz didn’t disappoint with his debut single, out-doing himself over the summer  — the song became the #1 rap song in the country, coming in as the runner up as the anthem of the summer.

    5. Kirko Bangz: “Drank in Cup”

    Kirko got some love in 2011 with his single “What Yo Name Iz ,” but things took off in 2012 when he paid homage to his home town with his single lean anthem” Drank in My Cup.”  Kirko’s Drake-like R&B flow caught the ears of listeners outside of Houston giving him his first hit.

    4. Cash Out: “Cashin Out”

    The Song no one saw coming — I don’t think anyone ever heard of Cash Out before the song took off. The song took a life of its own when Rihanna tweeted “Ridin’ with a ho named Keisha, smoking on Keisha. Since this song was released Cash Out hasn’t had the same success but has released some lukewarm songs like “Hold up” feat. Wale and “Big Booty

    3. Juicy J: “Bandz A Make Her Dance” Remix Feat. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz

    2012 had to be the year of the unlikely hit makers. Juicy J has his own lane and played it for more than a decade … I’m sure Juicy has been rapping the same content  for 15 years but for whatever reason “Bandz” became the summer anthem. “Bandz” became Juicy’s first billboard solo hit, something he didnt see coming when he recorded the song in some random hotel room.

    2. Kendrick Lamar: “Cartoons And Cereal” Feat. Gunplay

    You look at the name  of the track, then you see the Gunplay feature, and you thought to yourself is this even worth listening to. To make things worse, you see the 7-minute track time.  You went ahead and pressed play and to your surprise the song is actually good, probably one of Kendrick’s better tracks of the year. And Gunplay gives a different side of his wild character that we’ve gotten use it. Gunplay’s hook is probably the highlight of track.

    1. Chief Keef: “Love Sosa”

    OK, his album dropped he didn’t do the numbers Interscope expected, but i’m sure everyone wrote him off after Kanye remixed his “Don’t Like” for the G.O.O.D Music compilation. He was deemed a one-hit wonder, but then “Love Sosa” hit the Internet. Keef and Young Chop showed and proved that they could deliver another hit track. The video has already outpaced “Don’t Like” in views in just 2 months, certifying the song’s legitimacy.

    What songs surprised you in 2012?

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