Rappers That Should Have Their Own Reality Show

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    Last week Shawty Lo caused some ruckus on the social media circuit when a trailer for his new reality show hit the internet. What really caused the uproar was the show’s premise: his 11 kids and 10 baby mommas. Here are five rappers we think deserve their own reality show.

    Rick Ross

    Show Premise:

    We all know Rick Ross‘s past as a C.O. So we know at some point Ricky had a real job like the rest of us, so he would be no stranger to working a 9 to 5. So it would be a great idea if Ricky had a reality show with him working everyday jobs, like working at Wingstop, a car dealer shop and the Apple store just to see his interactions with regular people.  One of Rick Ross’s strongest points is that he’s a great salesman and can make anything sound great.  This is the only guy that has an entire song dedicated to “Diced Pineapples” and made it sound luxurious.

    Low Point:

    Ricky quits all his jobs because he’s no longer the biggest boss. Rick thinks he should be promoted as the boss on the first day of work.

    High Point:

    Gunplay makes a guest appearances and gets his own spin off show.


    Show premise:

    If you follow Cam on Instagram or Twitter you know he has an over-the-top sense of humor and finds almost anything and everything funny. Even if you see him in any of  the films he’s starred in (Paid in Full And Killa Season) Cam is a natural in front of the camera, but for some reason he doesn’t have his own show. I’m sure if he did have one we want to see Cam in his everyday element of course with a bit of company splashed in.  The main focus of the show of course would be Cam putting the Diplomats together and releasing another album.

    Low Point:

    With a whole season of material and songs recorded we still don’t get another Diplomat album.

    High Point:

    We get  to know the real Cam’ron Giles. Like most rappers Cam doesn’t like his personal life played out to the public but this time he would let loose.

    Ghostface Killah

    Show premise:

    The only thing better than Ghostface getting his own TV show would be be getting him a reality show as a therapist. The gems (and by gems I mean comedy gold) Ghostface would drop on his clients would be more than hilarious.

    Low Point:

    If you know Ghostface he has his own lingo, and everything would get subtitles and we would get tired of watching a whole season of subtitles.

    High Points:

    Ghost finds his true calling as a therapist and quits rapping. Some Ghostface fans would be upset but at least they would be able to visit him in the office and get some advice.

    Soulja Boy

    Show premise:

    We could just watch Soulja Boy spend all his money — buying everything from cars to clothes to jewelry. We could not care less about his music career, but we could at least see him spiral out of control and put himself into debt tying to stunt for the public and cameras.

    Low Point:

    We see Soulja Boy in the studio and we have to endure his freestyles and new music every episode.

    High Point:

    Referring back to the show’s low point, we’re sure to get some chuckles from SB trying to rap or attempt to make good songs.

    Joe Budden

    Show premise:

    The life of Joe Budden could be filmed from so many angles. First you have the rapper, the guy that could probably out rap most of your favorite rappers. If you were to film the show from that view we can definitely see behind the scenes of the creative process of making his mixtapes and future album. Next we have the everyday man. He puts his life out there! He might be one of the only rappers to display his life to the masses via social media or his Joe Budden web series which you either loved or hated.  I’m sure his everyday life would be entertaining to watch (even though he’s on this season’s “Love and Hip Hop) I don’t think “Love and Hip Hop” will have Joey as a main focus so its not going to be as entertaining.

    Low Point:

    Joey is a pretty sensitive guy, and may spend most of  the time tweeting and instagraming pics of himself and Kaylin (we still need to know whose taking these pics) and cancel the shows taping.

    High Point:

    We’ll get a finished product — either a mixtape or album.


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