Video Game Of The Week: Dead Space 3

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    The day is here that all Dead Space fans have been waiting for, the release of the newest game in the series. So far Dead Space has gotten nothing by good reviews. Everything from the music to actual game play, the game doesn’t disappoint its core fans.

    Not straying off too much from the Dead Space 2, the single-player campaign continues only three months after the last series and play as character Isaac Clarke, who continues the battle against evil aliens. Not to give too much away of game play, the first part of the single-player campaign has as many as eight chapters so prepare yourself to have extensive game play with this one. If you’re a first time player of the franchise you may want to pick up the previous Dead Space games to get a glimpse of the newer game and catch up with the story line of the series. While Dead Space 3 is not as scary as its predecessors, it’s still worth the wait.

    Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows PC

    Price: $59.99

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