Worst Movies of '08: #6

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    The Life Before Her Eyes

    There are bad movies and then there are offensively bad movies; Vadim Perelman’s sophomore effort (after his equally terrible debut The House of Sand and Fog) fits squarely into the latter category.  Exploiting the Columbine massacre for dubious dramatic effect, The Life Before Her Eyes opens with a school shooting during which a pair of two teenage girls are cornered in the bathroom by the adolescent gunman and then jumps back and forth in time in the life of the girl we’re led to believe survived.  If you read the title carefully though, you’ll figure out the film’s big twist about five minutes in, forcing you to endure another 85 minutes of gauzy shots of suburbia and glacial storytelling.  The offensive part of the film rears its head in the final ten minutes, when Perelman appears to mount some kind of anti-abortion argument that, like the movie, makes little sense.

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