On ‘Spring Breakers,’ Riff Raff, DangerRuss And The W*gger Phenomenon

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    Danger Russ-My-Fork

    The titillating trailer for writer/director Harmony Korine’s “Spring Breakers” promises to deliver three of the things that get asses in movie theater seats: sex (in the form of the film’s four attractive, bikini-clad and barely-legal babes including former child stars Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez); violence (said bikini-clad, barely-legal babes accessorizing their bathing suits with ski masks and guns); and intrigue — in the form the film’s curious antagonist Alien as played by James Franco.

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    The story revolves around a group of bored and broke co-eds who decide that this year it’s Miami spring break or bust so, of course, they commit an armed robbery to raise the funds for their trip. While in Florida the group of girls get busted (while in their bikinis) and are bailed out and enlisted by their (further) corruptor and eventual antagonist, Alien.

    spring breakersAlien isn’t your stereotypical sleazy, Miami Vice-type gun/drug dealer in a sharp suit with slicked-back hair, but the cornrowed, gold-grill rockin’ Caucasian character is a stereotype nonetheless.

    Korine and Franco wanted  the “Alien” character to be a “w*gger.”

    The term is of course a pejorative catch-all that reduces any white person who dons the stereotypical affectations of Black culture to a “white n*gger.” The term is ignorant and offensive to the person it describes and the people whom the person is thought to be mimicking. But, like most phenomena that are borne of the slippery, taboo subject of race–it’s irresistibly fascinating.

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