Bang The Table: When Did Kwanzaa Become Bootleg? [VIDEO]

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    Christians have Christmas. Jews have Hanukkah. What do Blacks have?

    Oh! That’s right, we have Kwanzaa. But for whatever reason, Kwanzaa is looked at as this bootleg holiday. It’s viewed with less admiration then a red-headed stepchild!

    Started by Dr. Maulana Karenga in 1966, the seven-day holiday was created as an alternative to other major holidays and gives Black people a chance to celebrate our heritage. Sounds good, right?

    Well, for whatever reason, this 47-year-old holiday gets the short-end of the stick. No respect!

    What gives?

    If you’re curious why Kwanzaa always get played to the left, just push play. Chief Content Officer, Smokey D. Fontaine, has a few possible answers.

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