Smokey’s Hotlist: 104 Minutes of Pure Lovin’…Valentine’s Day Edition [VIDEO]

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    Valentine’s Day!

    The one day of the year you go the extra mile to show that special loved one just how much they mean to you! Now, this may be news to some of you, but in my spare time, I DJ. I’ve been known to do damage on the 1s and 2s. Go ahead, ask somebody (or buy my CD!).

    So for the love birds out there unsure what the soundtrack to your perfect Valentine’s Day should be, Or what music you should play to set that right mood, express that perfect emotion, or turn a good night into an unforgettable one…look no further. I’ve got the perfect playlist for you that’ll be sure to make your day a success!

    Divided into the 5 Moments of Valentines Day…

    I. The Dressing Room

    This is for when you’re getting ready, while you’re putting your outfit together, trying on different heels, deciding which tie to wear. The DJ Smokey choice is:

    The Way I Are,  Timbaland feat Keri Hilson

    A jam that will definitely get you pumped up with a driving bass line, ecstatic electro feeling and cool lyrics.

    Other choices:

    PYT,” Michael Jackson – the King of Pop’s classic feel-good party record

    It’s All Good,” DMX – for the old school hip-hop head who likes a nasty chorus

    Swimming Pools,” Kendrick Lamar – for the young bucks who can translate gangsta into lover

    Get Your Freak On,” Missy Elliott – the 2nd Timbaland song on the list because the beat is just irresistible

    We Found Love,” Rihanna – your favorite club head’s favorite club record with that aspirational spirit of uplift

    Music Sounds Better With You,” Stardust – a house cut that makes you feel bold, sexy and ready for anything

    II. The Dinner

    Now that you’ve made it out of your house dressed to the nines, you’ve met your loved one and are ready for the second impression of the evening: dinner. And for that Valentines meal, you have to have the right music. This song help’s your date let his or her down.

    The DJ Smokey choice is:

    Electric RelaxationA Tribe Called Quest

    Other choices:

    W/as My Girl,” Maxwell – beautiful pop poetry that will melt whoever hears it

    I Want You,” Marvin Gaye – If you haven’t found the courage to tell your Valentine how you feel, Marvin will.

    Splash Waterfalls,” Ludacris – Raw hip-hop cut that will leave no question as to what you really want

    I Gotta Woman” Ray Charles – for an old school big-band, I’m a great guy/gal message

    Daddy,” Beyonce – If you want to send that not-so-subliminal message to your partner of who you are and what you need

    III. The Set Up

    Stylin tonight? Check! Dinner went well? Check! Now that all the flirting has bubbled to the surface, you’ve got to keep the momentum going and progress to the next moment.

    The DJ Smokey choice is:

     Love to Love You Baby, Donna Summer

    Other options:

    Like You’ll Never See Me Again,” Alicia Keys – Everyone wants to be appreciated. Play this song to let your loved one know they are.

    Pilot Jones” Frank Ocean – Get cozy, get open, express your emotion with this one

    Cabin Stabbin” Nickodemus – A classic dancehall rhythm that will get the grinding going

    You Made Me Love You,” R.Kelly

    Imagine That,” R. Kelly

    IV. The Deed

    Did you really think I was going to let you make it through an entire Valentine’s Day without the Purple One? Hope not! You’ve done everything correct to bring you to the point, now let Prince help you and your loved one seal the deal. The DJ Smokey Choice:

    Sh, Prince 

    Use Me,” Miguel – For that carnal desire you two have, the only choice you two have is this song.

    Promise,” Ciara- Promise to love and appreciate your Valentine for many many Valentines to come.

    If Only For One Night,” Luther Vandross- You only have one Valentine’s night, and there’s no better choice than Luther!

    Erotic City,” Prince

    The Morning After

    Now, I’ve done all I can to ensure  you had a great Valentine’s Day and night. In the event you followed my instructions and used my musical selections, everything should be good.

    The DJ Smokey Choice:

    So High, John Legend

    If you put on too much cologne or accidentally spilled that bottle of red on his crisp white button down, you’re night probably didn’t go too well.

    The DJ Smokey Choice:

    Blame It On The Alcohol, Jamie Foxx

    It’s all good. There’s always next Friday night, right?

    As a DJ, I feel pretty confident about my choices. But I’m here to serve you, so tell me what songs you want to hear.

    Tweet me your Valentine’s Day playlist @smokey. 


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