Chris Dorner’s Illuminati Shout-Outs [GALLERY]

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    Jay-Z, Ellen Degeneres, Hillary Clinton

    Chris Dorner is regarded by a select few as a hero, a modern-day “Django” if you will. The cop killer’s rampage to personally teach the LAPD a lesson they’d never forget, sent the West Coast into an armed frenzy. With military training, Dorner led the police on a wild goose chase that resulted in a slew of skeptical events that left seven people injured. Four were allegedly shot by Dorner.

    Whether you believe Dorner should be praised for committing an act the police know all too well, or condemned to the firey pits of hell is neither here nor there, I’d like to focus on the manifesto he left behind and his silent cry for famous friends. If you ask me, Dorner is laid up on a beach somewhere, sipping margaritas (pinky up) with the retired Pope–who seeks a more secular life.

    Dorner’s alleged last words were very detailed and told a story of an obviously disturbed man. In the paragraphs, with sentences blocked out because they are expletives, Dorner wasn’t only touching on those he felt hatred for, but expressing sincere love for the great entertainers and journalist of our time. Kind of odd. We have to say it: Illuminati.

    Check out who we think Dorner wanted to be friends with and what he said about them, here:

    Read the full manifesto, here.

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