Conan O’Brien Forgets To Review Tomb Raider, Checks Out Lara Croft Instead

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    Late night host and funny man  Conan O’brien decided to review the latest Tomb Raider in his “Clueless Gamer” segment.  If you’re looking for an actual game review this is not the video you should be watching, but if looking for his take on Laura Croft (he thinks the name Lara should be changed) and  how hot she  is  this might be the video for you. Instead of actually reviewing the game Conan is too busy  checking out Lara’s virtual assets throughout game play.

    After a few moments of getting into the game, Tomb Raider gets a little more serious and then the action begins with Lara saying she hates Tombs, Conan yells back at her  “Then Don’t Be A Tomb Raider.”


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