Paid In Full: How Much Basketball Players Make On And Off The Court

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    The  2012-13 NBA season is wrapping up in a few weeks and were looking forward to the 2013 playoffs. Don’t feel too bad about the players who get sent home early, though. Many of these “losers” have multi-miliion dollar contracts with their NBA salaries and endorsements off the court. No playoffs just means they’ll be kicking off their vacations earlier than expected.

    Players like Lebron James took less in NBA salaries to join the Miami Heat to win NBA Championships, however his off-court endorsements pay out more than his NBA contract. So he’s got that going for him … Find out what NBA players are making on and off the court, with our list of the top 10 highest NBA player salaries below.

    #1 Kobe Bryant

    Earnings: $59.8 million
    On-court: $27.8 million
    Off-court: $32 million
    Endorsements: McDonalds, Nike, Sprite, Upperdeck & Spalding

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