Would You Wear The Google Sneaker?

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    If you’ve been keeping up with Google over the past few months, you would know the big news coming from them is the upcoming release of Google Glass.  Wearers of the Google Glass will be able to take pics, record video and search online with the glasses on. Taking the shine away from Google Glass at the moment at SXSW is the Google sneaker.

    Google has no plans on jumping in the sneaker biz but they want to promote the awareness of new advertising innovation program called “Art, Copy and Code.”

    The Talking Shoe is an experiment in how you can use connected objects to tell stories on the Web today,” Aman Govil, lead of the advertising arts team, told ABC News.

    The team over at Google decided to piece together a few pairs of Adidas added speakers, Bluetooth, an accelerometer, a pressure sensor and a computer to create the first ever Google sneaker. The sneaker can distinguish who you are by sending messages to your shoe with information from your phone via Bluetooth or though the sneakers speaker on the tongue.

    Google wants to figure out technology on sneakers, how wearable a “smartsneaker” would be, and how it would interact with the human body if worn everyday. The sneaker is also said to be able to send out messages and updates via Google Plus not sure how true that is, but that’s the word from SXSW. Would you wear them if they were available in stores?

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