Are You Celebrating Steak and BJ Day?

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    We all know the drill when its February 14: men around the world  must show all the affection and love in the world to their significant other. You know flowers, fancy dinner and other obligations your lady may want. You’re probably out there wondering what does she want, what does she need over thinking what gifts you can spend your entire check on, all for one day… We all know February 14th is meant for the ladies, but what about us guys??

    That’s right we have Steak and BJ day.

    So, let’s get that straight, ladies: March 14th is our Valentines Day. No shopping, no surprise gifts no racking your brain about what you can get for us. Its all in the title of the day, simple and straight to the point.  March 14th was created for you ladies to show your appreciation, after all we did for you on February 14th.

    Men lets spread the word!!! Today is our day.


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