VEEP Season 2 Trailer: Selena Meyer’s Still ‘F**king Great’

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    If the trailer for the second season of HBO’s “VEEP” offers just a fraction of the laughs we can expect this
    season, then be prepared to be seriously entertained.

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus is back at it again as the hilarious, neurotic, insult-slinging, first female vice
    president, Selena Meyer. Meyer continues to navigate a position most would agree she’s pretty under-
    qualified to do, with as little grace as possible. This time around Meyer is still tackling her duties as vice
    president while attempting to earn a bit of respect and credibility for herself along the way.

    According to the trailer: the VP’s team is headed to a pig roast where the male guests might have had
    relations with the main course; Meyer threatens to “daughter-board” her own child; the insults she dishes
    to her staff keep getting better (“jolly green j*zz face,” anyone?); Meyer continues to emasculate Gary; and
    she insists that she’s “F**king great.” It may be a man’s world (so far), but just imagine what it’d be like if she was our real veep…

    Yes, we’re definitely in store for some major laughs. Will you be watching?

    Season 2 premieres Sunday, April 14 at 10:00 p.m. ET on HBO.

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