Game Of The Week – Gears Of War: Judgment

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    If your played previous “Gears of Wars” games you know the stars of the series were characters Marcus and Dom. But for “Gears of War: Judgement” they both step to the side in favor of new lead characters Baird and Cole. Yes, the game still features the fasted, alien shooting and chainsaw action we loved, but I guess it was time to show some love to some new characters.

    The story takes place before the trilogy of “Gears of Wars” and this time they are paired with cadet Sofia Hendricks and Garron Paduk, who are armed and ready to  save the city of Halvo Bay. There isn’t much to the storyline in the solo campaign, the Kilo Squad is on trail for events that took place at Halvo Bay and their fate stands in the hands of the Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG). The events in the solo campaign are based on the  testimony from squad members who are on trail.

    PlatformsXbox 360

    Price: $59.99

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