Did You Know Today Is International Waffle Day?

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    Happy International Waffle Day. The official Waffle Day started in Sweden and spread across the world making March 25 the official day to eat waffles till you puke in multiple languages.

    If you didn’t know, the word waffle comes the word Vårfrudagen which in Swedish sounds like Våffeldagen which means Waffle day. Of course, International Waffle Day is not to be confused with National Waffle Day, celebrated on August 25 in commemoration of the anniversary of the very first patent for the waffle iron.

    Some Waffle History

    In 1869 Cornelius Swarthout developed the very first waffle iron, which was used on top of gas or wood stove to heat the batter. Swarthout’s waffle iron was constructed  with a hinge that swiveled in a cast iron collar.  By 1891 Swarthout enlisted the help of German immigrant John Kleimbach with the help sales for the Waffle Iron. Kleimbach sold the irons for a mere penny or a dozen for 10 cents.

    By 1911 Gerardo A. Nieto invented the very first electric waffle iron for GE. After the Nieto’s invention of the electric waffle iron other companies looked to develop kitchen counter friendly waffle irons.

    Besides making actual waffles, Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman used his wife’s waffle iron to create a waffle based running shoe that grip much better. By 1974 the shoe took off creating the “Waffle Trainer” which helped Nike or as it was known the Ribbon Company. So, in addition to being internationally delicious, waffles can also be considered responsible for the success of multinational businesses …

    Enjoy those waffles!

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