10 Kickass Super Heroes Who Don’t Have Super Powers

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    In the world of comics most superheroes are well equipped with some form of superpower, whether it be super strength, the ability to fly, read minds, or transform into some ungodly creature. However some of more popular superheroes don’t have any superpowers at all. I guess what makes them a superhero is even though they don’t have power they still don a costume with a mask to hide their  identity. Yes, it would awesome to have superpower but it doesn’t they still don’t kick ass. Find which one of your favorite superhero doesn’t have an actual  superpower.


    If you weren’t a fan of Superman more than likely you were a fan of Batman. Batman depended on all the latest devices he could get his hands on, and when the fight got real he went old school and resorted to hand to hand combat. I don’t know how that would fare against Superman but somehow Batman got the job done and saved Gotham City.

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