‘Who Is Ryan Lochte?’ Full Trailer, Will You Be Watching?

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    On Tuesday, E! network unveiled the full trailer for its latest reality show, “Who is Ryan Lochte?,” showcasing the wondrous life of the Olympic swimmer. The four-and-a-half minute clip, which plays out like a college frat documentary, succeeds in telling us all we need to know about this gold-medalist phenomenon.

    He’s so proud of his Olympic medals

    “I got two gold [medals] and two bronze…uh, I don’t even remember what I got at the Olympics.”

    He’s great with coming up with catch phrases

    Jeah: “If you say it like how it’s spelled it’s jee-uh. But that’s…BORING. No one wants to hear that. So you have to really put the emphasis on that j and e, that’s the key part.”

    He’s a hopeless romantic

    Ryan: “You want to go to dinner with me?”

    Girl: “Maybe. Are you going to cook for me?”

    Ryan: “Aw, hell nah”

    His mom thinks he’s kind of a whore

    Mama Lochte told tabloids, “He goes out on one-night-stands!”

    All in all, once you get past his wiggerness ways, it’s kinda hard not to like the guy. Sure, he comes off as a complete joke in the process, but there’s something enduring about the train wreck known as Ryan Lochte, that makes him pretty fun to watch. Will we be tuning in you ask? Uh…JEAH!

    “Who is Ryan Lochte?” premiere’s Sunday April 21 at 10p.m. on E!

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