7 Steps To Complete Your Hipster Look For Spring

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    If it’s not mainstream and considered vintage more than likely it going to be seen on a hipster. While hipsters don’t follow trends being one is the newest trend and everyone is participating. Everyone from the local Soho dude to Jay-Z has jumped on the hipster bandwagon. A few years ago you were able to spot a hipster dude from a mile away, with his uber-skinny jeans, the cool Santa Clause-like beard and Chuck Taylors from three decades ago. Here are seven steps you need to follow to complete your hipster look.

    Look as different as possible

    The point of being a hipster is not to follow trends but to make your own. It’s a trend in itself but nothing you have is found in the mall or trendy boutique, so pretty much avoid anything with a large corporation name. Which means Gap, Old Navy, anything from Polo shouldn’t apart of your wardrobe.  So the key here is to be as vintage as possible, flea markets, thrift shops and swap meets are going to be your best friend.

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