5 Reasons Why We Need D’Angelo’s Album Before Anyone Else

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    2012 Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival - Day 3

    D’Angelo! D’Angelo! Wherefore art thou D’Angelo! First he wowed the neo soul listening public with “Brown Sugar”. Five years later he seduced them all over again with “Voodoo”. Then his ass (and his greasy abs) disappeared… for 13 excruciating years.

    He may have left for two long sabbaticals. He may have hinted at returns and releases. He may have had problems with the law. It doesn’t matter. The world NEEDS another D’Angelo album. The proof? His contemporaries.

    1. R. Kelly

    R. Kelly calls himself the “King of R&B.” Up until 2008, it would have been hard to deny him. Even though he was alleged to have participated in a video of a depraved sexual act with a minor he was acquitted of all charges. All of his albums were selling huge. And he was collaborating with Jay-Z to great success.

    In 2008 his decline began. Whatever started it (*ahem* “Real Talk” *ahem*), his music wasn’t reaching his audience as it had before and folks didn’t seem to want to dig into their wallets on his behalf. His latest album, “Write Me Back”, did so poorly he’s already working on a new album, “Black Panties”, for 2013.

    That’ll probably be great as well… *cough*

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