6 Reasons Kimye’s Baby Is Doomed

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    From the moment Kanye impregnated Kim Kardashian, their unborn seed has been doomed from the start. Here are six reasons why:

    1. Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape

    The most appalling thing on the Kim Kardashian sex tape isn’t that at 23 years old she’s way too skilled with handling Ray J’s sword to be believed. It isn’t that she’s often looking into the camera trying to pull off the most seductive and flattering angles possible.

    The most appalling fact of the sex tape is that she called him Ray J during its entirety. His name is William Ray Norwood, Jr. How many people do you know call their SO by their stage name? Yeah. The rest of ‘em are in a mental ward. Or in Hollywood.

    This child will have their mother pushing them in front of casting agents before they can even crawl. And calling them by a stage name the whole way. That’s healthy.

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