If Famous Sites Were People, They’d Be Super Annoying

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    Thanks to Dave Chappelle, most of us have a pretty funny idea as to what the Internet would be like if it was a real place, but have you ever stopped to think about what your favorite websites would be like if they were real people? Of course not, you’re too busy reading useless sh*t on Wikipedia, right?

    Fortunately for you, though, the folks at Cracked.com put the idea into motion with their latest ‘If Famous Websites Were People’ skit. Compared to Chapelle’s version, the video is pretty PG and shows the story of a woman surfing the web in hopes to make big bucks on the Internet. She’s first greeted by an overzealous Facebook who quickly becomes her guide through the World Wide Web. Along the way she meets annoying human versions of sites like Google, KickStarter, Bing, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter and Buzzfeed, and eventually realizes the Internet is simply a space predominantly filled with useless crap that sucks our time and keeps us from being productive…you know, a typical day at the office. Check it out.

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