Everyday Apps You Need Right Now

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    The days of using our smartphones for just making phone calls is a thing of the past. Our smartphones have become our go to device for our daily duties. Whether it’s travel, e-mail or entertainment it’s always by our side.

    There are some great apps that we use every now and then, but today we’re going to take a look at some that you can add to your collection.  The goal is to download useful apps is to complete tasks, entertain. and keep us on top of our daily missions.


    We use text and email as a major way of communicating, but sometimes e-mails may come in by the hundreds even thousands and it becomes overbearing and becomes a tedious task looking though each one. This is where the Mailbox app comes in handy. Simple swipes and taps allows users to zoom though their e-mails. You can even delete, archive, and even postpone replies.  An awesome option within Mailbox is the app let’s you decide when you can receive e-mails pushing it your inbox and receiving that exact e-mail when you’re ready for it. If you want an empty inbox this might be the app for you.

    Platform: iPhone

    Price: Free


    With so many options when it comes to smartphones and so many more options with instant messaging app, its hard to agree with friends and family on what app to use. IMO allows its users to  cross platforms supporting Facebook Chat, Yahoo Messenger, Skype and other instant message clients that can be linked to IMO.  IMO also makes voice calls, shares multimedia files and join in on group sessions similar to BBM group chats.  IMO also has the ability to look up chat history just in case you prove certain points in the future.

    Platform: Android

    Price: Free 

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