College Student Describes the Funniest, Yet Racist Field Trip Ever

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    When one thinks of the state of Alabama, racial harmony is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Then again, neither is cotton picking field trips — or so we thought.

    We recently stumbled upon this hysterical video of a University of Alabama student named Kendall sharing his experience of a horribly racist, jaw dropping field trip to a cotton processing plant  he attended back in third grade with 28 of his black classmates. The students who were accompanied by their white teacher were sent to the fields to pick raw cotton under the hot August heat like it was no big deal. Kendall admits he had fun and didn’t see anything wrong with the trip…until his mother found out.

    Now on any other day this story would disturb just about any non-racist person, but something about this kid and his gift of storytelling makes this the funniest thing we’ve ever watched. As you’ll see in the video, his friends could not contain their laughter, and neither could we. Watch it and weep.

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