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    This weeks apps come courtesy of The Park It App and Newswhip.  For those of you who are who get daily parking tickets you might want to check out The Park it App and those of you who stay updated on the latest the news Newswhip keeps you updated on world news so you’ll plenty to update pm your Facebook and Twitter  accounts

    The Park It App

    If you ever lived in a big city like NYC you know parking is impossible to find or understanding what the signs even say becomes a problem.   The job of the park it app is to guide you somewhere safe to park without getting a ticket in the process.  The app is pretty simple to use, before you head to your destination input the location and the time you plan on staying away from your car. The app then decides and locates safe areas to park and sends reminder on how much time you have left at your parking spot.  While the app is not available in all the states (only San Francisco) they are looking to expand to other cities in the near future so stay tuned for updates.

    Platform: iPhone, Android, Blackberry 

    Price: Free


    Alway checking the latest news via your Twitter feed or the net Newswhip is probably for you.  Newswhips pulls the most shared based shares, likes, retweets, and hastags via social media. The only downside you may get more news about the Biebs than you need. The newsWhip is not based on location either but it also pulls from world news also.  The app scans though millions of Facebook and Twitter users to keep you updated on the latest news and which news story is spreading though social media the fastest.

    Platform: Android

    Price: Free

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