Are These the Funniest or Meanest Morning Anchors on TV? [VIDEO]

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    If you’ve had the chance to watch the trailer for Ryan Lochte’s latest reality show What Would Ryan Lockte Do? you’re well aware of the fact that Ryan is far from a Harvard grad. Despite his lack of intelligent words, we’re kind of a fan of him. However, the hosts of FOX 29’s Good Day Philadelphia are clearly not as fond of him.

    The Olympic swimmer, who recently appeared on the show via satellite to promote his reality show, was the subject scrutiny by the Philly anchors once he went off the air. Hosts Sheinelle Jones and Mike Jerrick went into a laughing fit over Lochte’s not-so-articulate interview, with Jerrick repeatedly mocking the swimmer. While it seems like the two were just being light-hearted and funny, we couldn’t help but find it sort of rude. After digging a little further we were shocked to learn that these two are no strangers to making fun of celebrity guests.

    Back in 2011, after Kourtney and Kim Kardashian made a satellite appearance to the show to discuss their Sears clothing line, Jerrick chimed in with impersonations of the Kardashians and went on to make fun of their wardrobe. Have these two ever heard of objective journalism? We all have our thoughts on the Kardashian sisters and Ryan Lochte is far from an upstanding citizen, but if you’re running an entertainment show that relies on celebrities to stop by, making fun of them on live TV might not be the smartest thing to do if you want to attract other stars to your show. Plus, it kinda makes you look like a complete a** h***. Just a thought.

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