Live & Uncensored: The World’s Shortest TV Career

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    A brand new news anchor in North Dakota began his career over the weekend by getting suspended. How do you get suspended on your first day on the job? Just ask anchor A.J. Clemente.  On his first live televised broadcast he uttered the words f****** s*** with his co-host giving him the Mike Myers confused look. She was so shocked herself she began to stumble on her own words when she began to introduce A.J.

    In the clip, Clemete seems a bit nervous and who wouldn’t be on their first day on the job and to make matters worse its on live television.  A.J. spoke about himself and where he graduated college and began his first news cast but it seemed the nerves got the best of him before he began.

    To make things a little more settling the news anchor took to Twitter to apologize about the situation:

    Here’s a tip for you future news anchors: dont say F****** S*** on your first day, you may not have a job the next day if you do.

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