Alvester Toured With King B But Now It’s Time To Sit On Top His Own Throne

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    Welcome to COSIGN, where I’ll present a group of fresh and invigorating talent that does more than just add to the conversation of who’s next, they advance it! There’s something intangible they possess. It’s more than just hustle. This collective group simmer on the edge of fame and notoriety not only because of their skill and ambition, but because they did more than just wish on a star.

    Alvester-COSIGN-April 23

    Let Alvester tell it, he wasn’t suppose to make it. He grew up in the real Miami, Fl, the part that’s on “The First 48” so to tour the world with Rihanna, Mariah and Beyoncé, it’s a middle finger to those who clowned the 6’1 dancer for taking ballet classes as a kid or told him no.

    But after having seen the world and two-stepped with the best of ’em, the 25-year-old is ready to step out on his own. He pawned the sax his grandad gave him for  a measly $279, and moved to LA to pursue a career in music. Now folks recognize him not as the dude to the right of King B on stage, but for his own music. Pretty effin sweet! Read about his biggest inspiration, the pressure of having to constantly reprove himself and and just exactly what his sound is.

    Who inspired you to start dancing?

    In all honesty, I wanted to be like Michael Jackson. I wanted to be a total entertainer and in my mind, Michael Jackson has always been the best. I saw the “Beat It” video and I immediately told my grandparents that’s what I want to do.

     So what happened next?

    My grandparents had a family friend who owned a local dance studio that taught ballet, tap, jazz hip hop and they even had acting lessons and I asked them to take me. My grandmother had an affinity for Gregory Hines, so she wanted me to learn to tap. I started out with more jazz and tap, eventually I went into ballet because it was easier for me to pick up and then I transitioned into hip hop.

    What is it about dancing that you love so much?

    Initially, it was a challenge. I was a clumsy kid [LAUGHS] What I love about it? Hmm. You can never stop getting better. There’s always something to learn. That’s what I take from it. There’s something you can always improve on. To see that improvement, to actually be able to stand up there, look in the mirror from day-to-day and see that improvement you get better. That’s what I love about it the most.

    You’ve had the opportunity to tour with Beyoncé and Rihanna. Tell me what you’ve learned.

    I’ve learned  there is a big difference between a dancer and a performer. It’s easy to teach someone to do this step on this count, do that step on that count. You can teach anyone a choreographed routine and give them enough rehearsal and time, they’ll pretty much get it. With a performer, once you get on the stage and it’s up to you to keep a crowd of-maybe as few as 80 to as much as 80,000-entertained and to know what to do and to know how to project yourself to that person that’s all the way in the back, that’s what I’ve learned with all those ladies. Beyoncé, Rihanna, Mariah, Jennifer, Kelly. The only way you learn that is through experience and by watching. All those women are dynamic performers.

    What are some of the pros and cons of touring the world with such huge stars?

    You’re a part of the few percentage of people in America to actually do what you love. You get to travel, see the world, and for me that was big. From where I came from, you never thought that you could possibly be on TV or be able to travel to South Africa or Australia and see all these great places and make great money. You’re able to help your family and give back. But the cons are you’re not able to be with your family. Sometimes you’re working on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Another con is you’re constantly constantly having to reprove yourself.

    Ah, man. That makes sense! So sorry for interrupting, but I get excited when people say smart things. Continue [LAUGHS]

    [LAUGHS] It’s cool. But its evident with music. You’re only as good as your last hit and it’s true. Having been a dancer, yeah, I’ve gone on tour with these great and amazing people but as soon as you’re finished with that tour, you have to go and secure another job. Yes, I’m getting off of tour with Beyoncé, but I’m going right back into the audition room. I could’ve just got off the tour bus yesterday, but now I have to reprove myself all over again just to make sure I have it still.

    Tell me about your singing. How old were you when you realize you could sing?

    I started singing at 9 years old when I was in the church. I always sang around the house. I didn’t take it seriously. It was normal because it’s just what I did. I remember I  was probably about 16 and my grandparents heard me singing in my room and they were like wait, this is different.

    So what genre does your music fall into?

    At first, I really wanted to combine rock and R&B. I used to say Rock&B. I have an affinity for rock music and I don’t even know where it came from. I love Steven Tyler, Aerosmith, Lenny Kravits and of course as I’ve been referencing all throughout the interview, Michael Jackson, but I also listen to a lot of Boys II Men and Bryan McKnight, so I would say if you combine all of those you have me.


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