10 Mystery Music Video Honies

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    Music video girls are the bread and butter of the rap industry. None is complete until some lovely young lady is cast, thrown into threads of clothing and dangled before camera to entice extra views.


    If they want to spend four minutes telling us how big and bad they are the LEAST they could do is give us something to watch while they do it. Kinda wish they’d identify these beauties though. Oh well. We have Google. Let’s get to work.

    10. Tattoo Twister (Young Jeezy ft. 2 Chainz – “RIP”)

    10 jeezy

    Hair up, doing a little dance for Jeezy in a VIP somewhere in the ATL, Miss Tattoo makes the closest thing to an impression that can be made in an ocean of lovelies.

    This video is the ultimate in big time rap video cliches. Champagne bottles. Pimp cups. club background. Light flares. Rappers over 40. And heaps and heaps of girls. Then Jeezy turns around to his special girl and she giggles before doing some more dancing. Who is she and why is she giggling?

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