Everyday Dating Apps You Need Right Now

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    This week’s apps come courtesy of keeping those strange noises in the bathroom and avoid dating that long lost cousin you may not know about. Both apps this week should make your dating life a bit easier making your significant other  happy and making sure the person your currently getting know doesn’t show up to the next family reunion because their a family member.

    Shower App

    If you’ve been in a relationship you know one of the most embarrassing aspects of dating is bathroom time. For some dudes, well most we have filter when it comes to bathroom noises. Your significant other may request you to turn it down, but sometimes that’s a task within itself.  Well there is good news for both men and women the new fake shower app! It helps the covering up of bathroom noises. The app acts as a shower or water coming from a bathroom sink tap. Not only does the app save you from yourself and future arguments with your lady friend, but you’ll save water you would have used to cover up your unwanted sounds.  According to the developers “with Akatu Fake Shower, couple’s intimacy is saved, and so is the water.” After all, the app emulates the sound of a shower or faucet and tells the user how many liters are being spared.”

    Platform: iPhone

    Price: Free 


    Have you gone on a date and wondered if the person you’re out with is a family member? Probably not, but to make sure of things a new app just released to the Android app market will make sure this will never happen. With an interesting name, developers in Iceland won a contest in which the winners would get 1 million Kroner ($8,500US) and get the chance to name the app. And the developers went with the name  “anti-incest” app, how marketable that name will be determined in the future but for now lets see how it actually works.  The app would let users see the relationship with others (I’m assuming by name or last name) if the relationship is too close, there is an “Incest Prevention” feature. The feature would alert the user that the person maybe too close. The apps slogan: “Bump in the app before you bump in bed.” At the moment the app is only available in Iceland, but let’s see how it takes to hit stateside because sometimes you never know.

    Platform: Android

    Price: Free 

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