The EMBRACE+ Lights Up Your Day

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    These days companies are releasing all types of smart devices; Google is prepping their smart glass, Apple is gearing up to release their smartwatch later this year and several other devices coming to the market soon.  Do you think a smart bracelet is up your alley? If so, you may want to check  out EMBRACE+.  It’s a current kickstarter  project that syncs with your smartphone.  EMBRACE+ is a sort smart bracelet that lights up when your smartphone receives a notification whether it be an email, phone call, text and even a posting left on Facebook. At the moment the bracelet is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

    How the bracelet works is, you pair the bracelet’s app with your smartphone and the user chooses what color notifications they want to associate with what alert they see on the bracelet.   With an array of colors you can choose from, you can set up a plethora of social media networks like  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Skype and Pinterest.

    The only downside of the bracelet is how unprofessional can it be.  The looks you may get if you’re sitting in a corporate meeting and the sudden bright glow on your wrist starts to shine may give the wrong impression to the higher ups, while you may not be looking at your phone in the meeting the distraction of the light may not be a good look.  At the same time it is still cool device because its trendy looking.  At the end of the day this niche device gets the job done. If you would like to back the project, you have 38 more days to do so on Kickerstarter.

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