Paid In Full: A Look At Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Car Collection

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    If you watched Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s fight against Robert Guerrero he showed the world why hes the best pound for pound boxer in world. After a stint in prison and a whole year off from boxing he was still able to wipe the floors with Guerrero who by no means a walk in the park.  Guerrero himself has’nt lost a fight  in 7 years was a worthy opppent for Mayweather Jr. on paper until they had to box.  No matter how you view the trasher talker people either love him or hate him, in return he stunts on us with lines of luxury cars.

    Making an easy $32 million over the weekend don’t be surprised if he puts a new ride by the end of the week on his instagram account. Besides showing off his home and jewerly Mayweather Jr. has a passion for cars. When you’re 44-0 you can buy anykind of car you like when you can make the money Mayweather makes.  Lets take a look at these lavish rides.

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