Man Clings to Hood As Hit-and-Run Driver Speeds Away

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    When most people find themselves in a parking lot fender-bender, one of two things typically occur: the guilty party steps out, apologizes and proceeds to exchange insurance information or the guilty party hastily drives off into the sunset never to be heard or seen from again. Rarely does a person hit a car and attempt to drive off with the other driver clinging to the hood…unless you’re in Georgia.

    It all started when a female driver backed into an SUV belonging to Elton Kim’s wife. Kim, a dry cleaner owner, went to confront the driver, but she apparently wasn’t hearing it.

    “I said ‘Stop it’ three times,” he told WSB-TV. When Kim attempted to stand in front of the driver’s car to keep her from leaving, the woman plowed towards him and eventually forced Kim onto the hood of her car. She then proceeded to drive two miles down the road with Kim clinging to her hood for dear life — a remarkable scene that, fortunately for us, was caught on tape. Luckily, Kim walked away unscathed, but the lady never did end up stopping long enough to apologize or offer her insurance. The lunatic driver, who was sporting Alabama plates, now faces a felony aggravated assault charge if she’s ever found.

    So…yea, whatever happened to writing down the person’s license plate and giving it to the police? Is that just the old school way of handling bad drivers, these days?

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