The Smokey Show: An Intimate Sit-Down With Alicia Keys

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    I’ve had the opportunity to interview a lot of talented people. But there’s something different about Alicia.

    Maybe it’s her humility or her warmth, but Alicia’s immense talent doesn’t intimidate. In fact, it does the exact opposite. It engages you, forces you to willingly open yourself.

    Alicia was the first to cover my former publication america magazine, and while the talent was undeniable then, neither was her humility. She graced the covers of GIANT magazine, not once, but twice. Each time more tenured and with quite a few awards and No. 1 hits under her belt. But unlike her musical counterparts, the 14-time Grammy award winner didn’t let the success get to her head.

    She was still humble.

    Still Alicia.

    Now, with the release of her fifth studio album “Girl On Fire” Alicia and I sat down once again after her HelloBeautiful performance at Harlem’s Red Rooster and we talked, just like we did so many times before. We talked about being a new mom, a new wife and of course her new music. For Alicia, it was a brand new day, a brand new beginning.

    But through it all, traces of the young girl, rockin’ braids from Hell’s Kitchen were still present. Eager and zealous to express herself in the best musical way possible.

    Despite all the growth and worldwide success she was still humble.

    Still Alicia.

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