Obama Hip Hop Tracks

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    In terms of hip-hop getting on board for the political process, there was no bigger year than 2008. While most were instances of artists like Nas, Common and The Kidz in the Hall dropping songs and mixtapes to support the man who is about to run the Oval Office, some of hip-hop’s sounds actually came from within Obama’s campaign.

    Here’s a look back at some of the joints and jams that got the hip-hop generation motivated to get out and vote for Mr. Obama.

    “99 Problems”

    The hardest track on Jay-Z‘s The Black Album was also the song Obama chose to come out to when he got the nod from the Democratic Party to run for President instead of Hillary Clinton.

    “Yes We Can”

    What do Will.I.Am, Scar-JoTatyana Ali, Fonzworth Bentley and Herbie Hancock all have in common? Why, this video of course.

    “Work to Do (Remix)” feat. Talib Kweli and Bun B

    The Kidz in the Hall were so enamored by Obama’s run for the White House that duo not only re-did their song “Work to Do” in favor of the then candidate, but also recruited Talib and Bun for the fun.

    “My President (Is Black)”

    Young Jeezy and Nas teamed up to not only unite the trappers from the North and South, but also to give pledge their support to getting Obama elected.

    “You’re All Welcome”

    Mary J. B and Jay-Z jocking, jocking…

    “I Got a Crush on Obama”

    Sure, it was a video that was went to be funny, but we’re pretty sure that Obama Girl‘s gyrations help motivate a few people to pull the lever.

    “Politics (Obama is Here)”

    Even though the Obama camp distanced themselves from the song, Ludacris’s intention was still a good one. Plus, he, unlike a few rappers of his stature actually said what everyone else was thinking.


    dead prez‘s M1 and stic.man are no strangers to controversy. While the duo didn’t endorse any politician, they brought up many valid points that were being swept under the rug once the Obama-craze took full effect.

    “Barack Obama”

    You know how much of an impact Obama’s had on the world when a reggae legend like Cocoa Tea is literally singing his praises, despite the fact that he can’t vote for him.

    Bonus: “Why? (Remix)” feat. Nas, Common and Styles P.

    On this remix if Jadakiss’s song “Why”, Common nominated Obama for president in 2004.

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