Instagram Hates #Selfies and #Pointless Hashtaggery

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    I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I’m pretty sick and tired of seeing self-indulged photos on Instagram. Don’t get me wrong. I like taking selfies and all that jazz too, but I really believe there is a place for all of those kinds of pics.

    This is what I see on the Instagram on the reg:

    • selfies
    • memes
    • quotations
    • words words words
    • hashtag fever (have you caught it?)
    • party promotions (ugh!!)

    We focus too much on ourselves, whether we’d like to admit it or not, and it shows it the most superficial of ways. How many #selfies can one take? (A lot!) Instagram is an amazing tool we all use to transform how we see life (maybe just a little bit), and the opportunity to share those wonders with everyone. So why share the same things over and over again?

    Let’s challenge ourselves with this photo challenge. No selfies, no screenshots, no memes, none of that sh*t, to show everyone what we really see in our world! Use this hashtag — #ACphotoaday — so we can see what you’re up to!

    Have fun with pictures again! Be carefree. Be clever with your angles to make them more exciting. Make us feel your picture! When it comes comes down to it, is what you want to leave behind are thousands of pictures of you or would you rather share what you’ve done and the splendors you’ve seen?

    Here are some tips and tricks to make your Instagram pics amazing:

    (Photo: Colby Kern)

    (Photo: Colby Kern)

    • Add text to make it fun: “For adding text on top of my photos, I really like to use Phonto (available for iPhone and Android). The app is free and very user friendly. I like the selection of fonts, colors and even opacity. Adding text to your photos is a fun way to add expression and character. Phonto is available in the app store for iPhone users.” (from Colby Kern)
    • Move to zoom: “If you want to take something close up actually walk up to it, get close and click. My iPhone loses heaps of quality even with a tiny bit of zooming and it becomes really grainy and pixelated. So I never move the zoom in.” (from Sarah from A Beach Cottage for Digital Photography School)
    • Try HDR: “HDR (high dynamic range) was introduced in the iPhone 4. It takes several photos in a row and then combines the best sections of each automatically for a more evenly lit photo.” (from Tekserve)
    • It’s all about angles: “Interesting angles can also mean getting up high and shooting down.” (from Business Insider)

    (Photo: Greg Schmigel / Mashable)

    (Photo: Greg Schmigel / Mashable)

    • Get wet: “When out shooting on a rainy day or night, always make sure to use the water, puddles and wet spots to your advantage. Quick glances at a standing puddle of water might not show much, so play with the angle. Aim your iPhone or camera from high, low or parallel angles to the water to see what you find. You’ll be surprised what the water can do for you. People in reflection, buildings, sky and even the occasional photographer (or iPhone photographer) himself.” (from Mashable)

    Use these tips and different apps to get the most out of your pictures and Instagram! Have fun and #BeDifferent :)

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