Mike Classic Proves Queens Is Where Amazing Happens [VIDEO]

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    Welcome to COSIGN, where I’ll present a group of fresh and invigorating talent that does more than just add to the conversation of who’s next, they advance it! There’s something intangible they possess. It’s more than just hustle. This collective group simmer on the edge of fame and notoriety not only because of their skill and ambition, but because they did more than just wish on a star.

    In hip-hop, where you’re from is just as important as the bars you spit.

    Some areas automatically merit a certain respect, while others have to fight to even be mentioned. New York City, the birthplace of hip hop, automatically gets love, but that also comes with the weight of living up to the many New York emcees that came before you.

    Mike Classic has proven he can stand the pressure.

    The Queens emcee, who of course, sites Nas as his favorite, has been writing rhymes since high school. He got his feet wet with his first mixtape, but it was only after he dropped his second mixtape, “Where Amazing Happens” that the Queens boy got national attention.

    Check out the interview where he talks about his inspirations,working with French Montana, touring with Rick Ross and MMG and the type of fans he hopes to one day have.

    Mike merges storytelling skills that he garnered from the greats, with an authenticity that can’t be denied, proving that he indeed lives up to his last name


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