Matt Carter Catches Bird With Bare Hands Real or Fake

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    Full time Pastor part time Ninja Matt Carter of Texas was caught on camera catching a bird with his barehands while the bird was in full flight. While quail hunting with his friends Matt decided it was a better option to grab the  bird with his hands than using his rifle, which makes us think is this video real or fake. He even went as far as to go on Twitter to let the world know the grab was the real deal. MSN has said the bird might have been created by CGI or the bird might have trained for that  particular  situation because the grab seemed too perfect.

    While in his fishing gear, in the video Carter sees the bird heading right to him, he sets his ninja sights on the bird and without a struggle the bird is caught with his right hand. When he’s not catching birds with his hands Matt Carter is a pastor in his hometown of Texas at the Austin Stone Community Churc, he even penned a book with backup QB for the San Fran 49ers Colt Mccoy.

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