The XiStera Pretends To Be A Swiss Army Knife For The iPhone 5

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    Already surpassing their goal of $19,000 on Kickstart, the XiStera is looking to add some extra functionality to your iPhone 5. The XiStera is a 8-in-1 one stop shop handy tool, similar to any leatherman multi-tool you may find in any hardware store. The XiStera includes a capacitive stylus for the touchscreen, two notches to use the phone in either landscape or portrait mode, two mount areas to attach the phone to a tripod for landscape or portrait modes, a section to hide or conceal the headphones and lens adapter to attach for different views like wide-angle, fisheye, telephoto or macro lens, and  the most important tool the beer bottle opener to open a beer of course.

    Along with those nifty gadgets the inventors of the XiStera Joe Adams and Alex Werbickas also have a version which comes with a a 32-LED light panel, that can be used for filming or taking pics if extra lighting is needed. To add extra value to the swiss army knife-like accessory, the creators are also selling different size mounts to use on car windshields and bikes which comes with a stretch material that wraps around the iPhone.

    If Xistera can get to their $30,000 mark within the next few weeks they will offer the different color lens, stylus and different bands that wrap around the phone.

    While the starting price on the XiStera is $15 (which is currently all gone according to Kickstarter for that level) there are different options and additions to the device which will drive the price up after the additions. Production starts in July and could end in August, as in any Kickstart investment or project beware of delays and manufacturing issues which could last days or even months.

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