McDonald’s Employee Spots Her Stolen Car While Working the Drive-Thru

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    If you’re going to steal a car from a McDonald’s employee, then it’s best to avoid going to the same McDonald’s that person works at. You might opt for Burger King instead or Wendy’s — anything but McD’s

    WhenVirginia Maiden, a McDonald’s assistant manager, awoke Tuesday morning, she sadly learned that her car had been stolen overnight. Being the boss that she is, Maiden trooped it to work anyways. As the day went on, a familiar car pulled through the drive-thru — her car — with the idiot who stole it.  After the thief ordered an ice cream (because even thieves like to treat themselves) Virginia, who clearly possesses the brains her culprit lacks, advised the customer to pull up to the side and wait while the employees ‘fixed the ice cream machine’. As the woman waited for her cone, Virginia called the 9-1-1 with the cops arriving just in time to arrest the suspect. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

    Sadly, the thief never did get the cone she paid for.

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