10 Mystery Music Video Honies (May Edition)

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    Once again the music video pool has been scoured looking for some of the most attractive women whose names you do not know. In the coming months they will show up in other videos or in King or Smooth or Black Men magazine. But at least you can say you saw them first, right here.

    MUST SEE: 10 Mystery Music Video Honies

    10. The Whisper Sisters (Kendrick Lamar – Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe)


    These two young ladies first pop into the video briefly before this shot. The lady on the left was not wearing a bra when she arrived. Nice.

    Both of them are present in the limo partying with Kendrick shortly after the funeral scene. You get to see brief shots of their faces again, but nothing that indicates what secret they were sharing. Maybe they spiked the champagne with ludes or something since the video takes a few surreal turns.

    9. Miss Overtheshoulder (David Cash ft. E-40, Problem & Clyde Carson – Chevy Remix)


    The first defining moment of this video was when smoke poured out of one of the speakers. And not electric smoke either, it was smoke smoke. The other defining moment was the introduction of Miss Overtheshoulder. Of the few girls in the video she was the only one whose whose face was mostly obstructed. Does that mean she was a buttaface? Doesn’t matter. That booty speaks for itself.

    8. The Ringer (Action Bronson – Strictly 4 My Jeeps)


    Yeah, sometimes you have to throw folks a curveball. And this young (or old?) lady has probably eaten several of them. And the bat. Is that even a woman? When she (he?) shows up in the shiny gold bikini (oh yes they did) you might get to wondering if that may actually be a man in a fat suit and a lot of makeup. Wow.

    Yeah yeah yeah, you weren’t expecting that. Let’s make it up to you with a hip shot of a lovely young thing…


    Holy smokes! That’s Paula Jai Parker from ‘Hustle ‘N’ Flow’ and ‘Idlewild!’

    One more bonus to calm you down a little bit.

    There there now. You feel better?

    7. Classy Sally (Euroz – So Real)

    Euroz - So Real

    The camera loves Classy Sally. So much so that you can probably bet the video director left his wife and kids for her after the shoot. Euroz is supposedly in the video, but it’s hard to tell between long, luscious, lovely shots of Sally. There she is in the car. There she is in chiffon. Was that one of those bandage dresses? It was one of those bandage dresses. Lovely. And there she is with wind so wonderfully whipping her hair about. Is this even a music video or an homage to feminine beauty?

    6. Benetton Sisters (Miguel feat. Kendrick Lamar – How Many Drinks? (Remix))


    It’s always lovely when two girls of different races, cultures and bustlines can come together in appreciation of one another’s company. Holding each other closely, mouths slightly agape in mutual fascination, they can silently communicate passion for one another’s origins and life choices. It’s good to see two lovely young women cooperate with each other so willfully and beautifully.

    5. Madam Cool Cleavage (Lil Wayne feat. 2 Chainz – Rich As F*ck)


    As per usual with Lil Wayne this video is packed with honeys easily worthy of distinguishment on their own individual merit. However, when one young lady shines above the rest you must set her apart for the acknowledgement she deserves. And that heaving bustline and i-dare-you shades challenge a man to his core and reduce his will to mush so hard he has to write about her on an internet website. *shiver* Lovely.

    4. Pink Hair (Sean Kingston feat. Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa – Beat It)

    Sean Kingston feat. Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa - Beat It

    Set in a seemingly tropical resort this video is packed with lovely young ladies. So packed, it represents pretty much the entire world. Well, except Asia and India. So only half the world is represented. Oh well. They are still unbelievably attractive. So how did Pink Hair get special consideration over the other girls?

    Case closed.

    3. Miss Hairpull (Robin Thicke feat. T.I. & Pharrell – Blurred Lines (Clothed version))


    The original version of this video picked up 800,000 views in 48 hours before it was pulled. The song is doing well for itself on the charts, but you can bet it was the prancing nekkid femmes that blew up the original view numbers.

    In the clothed version of the same video the girls are no less attractive in their quirky little outfits. Though most of their movements and dances are goofy and silly, quite a few of them are crazy stupid sexy. And when Robin Thicke gave Miss Hairpull’s hair a pull, you come into a complete understanding on a whole lot of inappropriate assumptions of her character. You’re probably wrong. But hopefully you’re right.

    2. Miss Not-Tiny (T.I. feat. Lil Wayne – Wit Me)

    T.I. feat. Lil Wayne - Wit Me

    Not since the ‘T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle’ has any woman been so hugged up on T.I. like Miss Not-Tiny. Tiny, having worked in the entertainment business herself, knows that part of her man’s job is to pose with beautiful women. Therefore, she must have ovaries of steel to let him spend nearly half the video next to this girl. Or maybe T.I. went into it knowing that he was gonna catch a black eye after the shoot.

    1. Little Black Dress  (A$AP Rocky feat. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar – F*ckin’ Problems)


    Several girls. Powerful moves. Multiple angles. Oh yeah, and some rappers were there too. Several of the women had their own little bit of time to pop or twist some jiggle into your consciousness. But the lovely young lady wearing that little black dress with barely enough back coverage stole the show…for two whole seconds. They need to give her a video shoot of her own. In that dress. And those earrings. *whistling*

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