11 Questions About Hangover III [SPOILERS]

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    Now that you’ve have a three day weekend to see the highly anticipated Hangover III, did you like it at much as I didn’t? Instead of laughing and enjoying, I just had questions. So many questions! If you have questions too, or just don’t mind the spoilers, see if you agree with mine. Did I miss any questions from Hangover III? Email them to me at social@interactiveone.com to add them to the list!

    1. Where was the hangover?

    I don’t think I saw an ounce of alcohol in the entire movie let alone a wild night that no one could remember


    2. Is Alan gay or isn’t he?

    He gets married at the end of the movie, but I’m still suspect of his actions throughout the franchise.


    3. Why does Doug always get to miss the adventures?

    He’s either lost, sick or stolen. Just his luck!

    4. All of the original cameos from the original Hangover made an appearance in Part III, where was Mike Tyson?


    5.Where was the adopted accessory for the adventure?

    Hangover had a baby, Hangover II had a monkey, Hangover III could have at least had a plant!


    6. Why was this movie so serious?

    People died and there was no fun had. At all.


    7. Did any of the guys stash a gold bar for themselves?

    All the trouble they went through, you’d think they take a little off the top for themselves!

    8. Why is Leslie Chow such a likable bad guy?

    Chow did the worst things to these guys, but he’s still a fan favorite!


    9. Is this an Action Drama? Or a Comedy?


    10. Did Stu really put a body in the trunk of the car, in the middle of Las Vegas, and not a single person said anything?!

    Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 1.58.13 PM

    11. The franchise stops here right?

    Any other questions from Hangover III that we missed? Send them to social@interactiveone.com to add them to the list!

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