[FRESH CUT] Old Money- Doctor Doctor

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    I don’t know where I’ve been, obviously under a rock, but I’m glad I’ve finally heard of ’em.

    New York rapping duo “Old Money” dropped their newest mixtape ‘Fire In The Dark.Now, we could be here all night trying to categorize their sound, but thankfully, we can’t!  The Brooklyn and Bronx natives sonically venture into realms untouched by mainstream artists and use their sound to bring social issues to the forefront.

    With a heavy Afro-carribean influence, “Fire In The Dark” hopscotches between head knocking 808s to Caribbean rhythms seamlessly and without interruption.

    “Doctor Doctor” opens with Chris Rock’s 1999 “Bigger &Blacker” in which the comedian tells the audience his family never had health insurance, all they ever had was Robitussin. Then with no warning, the loud thump from the islands beat get your head knocking to the beat.

    You better learn to control that cough.

    If we pay doctor, the lights go off.

    You better learn to control that sneeze.

    If we pay doctor you don’t get feed.

    The song is definitely a breath of fresh air in a stale musical landscape, that no matter how different artists try to be, they  end up sounding the same.

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