TYLT VU Introduces The Wireless Charger Thats Really Wireless

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    While plugging up your tech devices to the nearest outlet to charge is the norm, sometimes it can be a bit of a problem  and its an issue wireless charging could solve. Wireless charging seems to be the future and Tylt VU is looking to get an early jump on the market.  First spotted at CES 2013, Tylt took their act over to Kickstarter to get the ship up and running. It was just a few years ago powermats blew our minds away at CES, the only problem was powermats didn’t catch on the way companies wanted. For one it really wasn’t wireless charging because you still had to plug-in the mat into a socket, 2 the device had to be on top of the mat to actually charge and 3 you needed a special case to let it charge.  That alone may have turned away potential customers and companies to invest into the powermat.

    In late 2012 companies like Nokia and Google started to equip their own smartphones  ( Lumia 920 and the Nexus 4) with wireless battery technology, which would work perfectly with wireless charging stations like TYLT VU’s Wireless Charger. TYLT says over 41 smartphones around the world is compatible with their smartphone. If you own a Lumia 920 or Nexus (and any of the smartphones listed on TYLT kick start page) ether device can be laid on the TYLT VU 45 degree angle station for charging and viewing in either portrait or landscape as most wireless chargers are flat and it becomes difficult to use your device.  According to TYLT VU the wireless charging rate will be the same as if the smartphone was using a micro usb charger so thats a plus.

    With 28 days left to invest into the charging hub , the company has pledged a goal of $60,000. And 246 backers have invested $14,033 to the goal. So while they are available grab one while you can.

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