Dunkin’ Donuts’ New Donut Breakfast Sandwich And 7 Other Unconventional Delicious Meals

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    Have y’all heard about this new Dunkin’ Donut breakfast sammich? Lawd, it’s a glazed donut split in half with egg and bacon and a side of hash browns, appropriately called the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich. What were they thinking? They weren’t thinking of anyone’s waistlines because, dammit, I wanna try it!

    It will be available on June 7, and, alas, they have a healthier option which uses turkey sausage over bacon, according to The Smoking Section. (Thank you, based turkey gawds.) But there are so many other fatty, greasy, mouth watering foods that we just wanted to try. Just one time.

    Disclaimer: Eat sparingly, if at all. Don’t blame us for that expanding waistline.

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