Mother of Shooting Victim Arrested After Siccing Dogs on Reporter [VIDEO]

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    Typically, when people are in no mood to talk to reporters, they say “no comment” or slam the door in their face. Apparently, this Rhode Island resident didn’t get the memo on reporter etiquette. The mother of a teenage girl who was shot in Rhode Island this past weekend is now being charged with felony assault after throwing a rock and siccing her two pit bulls on a reporter who came to question her about her daughter.

    Rhode Island ABC6 reporter Abbey Niezgoda was attempting to get a reaction from Melissa Lawrence on her daughter’s shooting when Lawrence picked up a rock and flung it, hitting her camera man. As Niezgoda and her crew started to walk away, Lawrence then sicced her two pit bulls on them. The dogs chased a frantic Niezgoda down the street, forcing her to drop her mic and run for cover in someone’s back yard. Lawrence eventually called off the dogs, but not before one bit Niezgoda on her forearm.

    Lawrence was arrested and charged with two counts of felony assault. She has been released on a $50,000 bail and is ordered to return for her court date on August 8th. At the time of the incident Lawrence was sporting a “My Attitude is Your Problem” T-shirt. So that could very well be considered a sufficient warning for Niezgoda not to mess with her, right?

    In positive news, Lawrence’s daughter Ny’asia has been released from the hospital after suffering from a gun shot wound to the lower back. She is now continuing recovery at home — but if you’re a reporter, it’s best you don’t attempt to get any further details on her health.

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