Rapper Strips Down To Thong In Rap Battle

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    rapper strips half-naked thong takes off clothes rap battle - rapper strips half-naked thong takes off clothes rap battle

    The subject in question is a man. And he will be wearing a thong. You will see his buttcheeks. This may or may not make you uncomfortable. Crying, however, may be normal.

    It’s uncertain, yet, as to whether he won the rap battle. What is certain, however, is that he ruffled his opponents feathers with his tactics.

    Dontflop.com calls itself the home for the UK battle rap scene and their front page is packed with videos of young men challenging each other for a cappella free style hip-hop supremacy.

    One video, however, is not a full battle. It’s a preview featuring a rapper named Daylyt. In the preview, which was filmed during the Don’t Flop Verdict event, Daylyt takes his opponent to task in a list of perceived wrongs in Daylyt’s opinion. In a surprising move Daylyt asserts his dominance by showing us ‘The Shotgun.’

    How did he come up with ‘The Shotgun’ for a nickname for his southern jungle? Why would he reveal his business during a rap battle. What is the context for this madness? The full battle will be posted on Saturday. That’s when you will have more answers for your questions and Dontflop.com will have more traffic for the ages.

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